Beauty in Routine: June 1, 2017

Like everyone else, I often rush through my days with little regard for the views around me. I have a list, an agenda, a plan that must be executed before my day is up. I’ve decided to intermittently start taking photos and notes of the beautiful things that surround me every day that I normally wouldn’t stop to take the time and notice. While carrying around my camera makes me look a tad obnoxious, the presence that it gave me in my errands today was much needed. I don’t have many days left in this Alaskan beauty, and the views I am surrounded by every day ought to give me more pause.

A quick overview of my activities:

  • A trip to the public library to return a couple of books (The Girl I Left Behind by Judith Nies and my all time favorite short story collection, Break It Down by Lydia Davis.) The links will take you to my short Goodreads reviews.
  • A trip to our specialty grocery store, New Sagaya, for one of their incredible rice bowl lunches and shopping for my first foray into homemade Pad Thai that is at least somewhat authentic. Spoiler alert: the New York Times has yet to fail me and this recipe will definitely be repeated.
  • I also ran by the APU campus to drop something off to my little brother, which was the furthest I’d ever wandered onto the grounds. I think a couple walking out behind me thought my picture stops were a bit odd.

I hope you enjoy the little beauties I captured today as much as I do. Some pictures have explanatory or reflective captions—click the image to view them.


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